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Online Clinical Trial Exam - 15 May 2021

$880.00 inc. GST

Timing:  Saturday, 15 May 2021 starting at 10am (Syd/Melb time).

The Australian Medical Council is offering clinical exams online in 2021. Our online trial exam includes 16 clinical stations and 4 rest stations to replicate closely the AMC exam. Our trial exam also offers personal feedback to candidates after each station plus a group overview at the end of the exam that will review all of the cases you just sat.

The trial exam is offered on the ZOOM platform. You must be familiar with ZOOM, have access to a computer (not a smart phone or tablet), a webcam and mic, and be in a quiet location.  The exam will run for about 4 1/2 hours (includes feedback after each station) with an additional 1 hour for the group overview at the end.

Exam format:

Each station will have a examiner (who will also be an invigilator to ensure proper exam conduct) and a trained simulated patient. You will interact with the patient on your screen. The examiner will be present however the camera will be off but they will communicate with you as necessary during the station.

Each station comprises 2 minutes reading time on screen and then 8 minutes to undertake the case. The examiner will offer any test results or important information as required. At the end of each station you will receive 2 minutes of feedback from the examiner.

After the feedback, an administrator will move all candidates to their next station. This will take two minutes to facilitate  but it won't interrupt your reading time.

The online clinical exam will assess the application of clinical skills and knowledge in the domains of history taking, diagnostic formulation, management and counselling, and physical examination.

All candidates will receive a trial examination guide prior to the trial exam day. You must read through this to be familiar with the online environment in which the trial exam is held.

The online trial exam is priced at $880. Past students can request a 10% discount for this exam.  This discount will be done in the form of a refund after the exam day. 

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