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Online Clinical Bridging Course - Specialty, 6 weeks commencing from 10 August, 2020

$1800.00 inc. GST

Course dates:  10 August - 18 September, 2020.

Our Online Clinical Bridging Course - Specialty, adds a new course to our existing suite of courses to assist you in preparing for the Australian Medical Council (AMC) part two exam. The course duration is 6 weeks.

The Specialty course covers content from: psychiatry, paediatrics, obstetrics & gynaecology and population & community health.

Topics covered:

  • Female reproductive system / obstetrics / gynaecology
  • General practice / public health
  • Major psychiatric disorders / drug and alcohol abuse
  • Mental state / intellectual function / behaviour problems
  • Normal and abnormal growth / child health / paediatric

    Why choose our online clinical course?
  • The course is delivered as two curriculums which offers flexibility and cost saving if you feel confident in some topics and only need to undertake one course.
  • We offer our unique simulated patient sessions where candidates can test their consulting skills with a trained simulated patient who can provide real to life responses and feedback.
  • We provide a structured timetable so you can pre read about the topics you will roleplay with your tutor.
  • We offer pre reading from a range of resources including HEAL Online which is our own LMS and can be accessed 24/7.
  • Access to tutor’s presentations throughout the course.
  • Access to 100s of MCQs that allow you revisit your existing medical knowledge so that you feel more confident in a clinical roleplay.
  • We have communication sessions facilitated by Clinical Communication specialists through our partnership with Victoria University. The clinical exam is all about communication and these sessions will help to refine your communication skills, body language, and appropriate spoken language. Covers breaking bad news scenarios, angry patient, mania etc.
  • Access to the full Therapeutic Guidelines database “eTG Complete”, for the duration of your course.
  • Live daily webinars including topic review and practice roleplaying facilitated by our experienced tutors.
  • Student chat room.
  • An optional online clinical trial exam will be offered to candidates towards the end of their course for an extra fee. The online trial exam will cover 10 stations, provide examiner feedback after each station plus a full debrief of each station after the exam.  A discount will be available for candidates who are also doing a HEAL clinical online course.

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